Going Beyond the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) 

Facilitate guideline-driven care, utilize clinical flow-sheets and automate tasks within the clinical and practice management sides of your business.

Our electronic health records (EHR) software is more than just an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or a digitized patient chart. Vitera Intergy EHR is a complete clinical solution with intuitive workflows and health management guidelines to actionable tasks and interoperability with many medical devices.

  • Advanced clinical flow-sheets provide a view of a patient’s progress and treatment effectiveness
  • ePrescribing enhances accuracy and provides interaction alerts
  • Orders & Tasks allow you to easily create and track orders such as mammograms, blood tests, etc.
  • Drug Utilization Review (DUR) On Demand and ePrescribing provide you instant access to drug interaction information
  • Clinical record summary for Interoperability improves efficiency by sharing information
  • Automated patient visit templates improve documentation & analyze coding
  • Patient Privacy options ensure the security of sensitive patient data
  • Specialty specific product features provide tools designed for your practice

Vitera Intergy Practice Portal
Communicating with your patients has never been easier. The integration of Vitera Intergy and Vitera Intergy EHR with the Vitera Intergy Practice Portal allows you to send and receive messages with your patients through real-time, secure messaging and take action on them immediately. Receive new patient registration forms, appointment requests and more all through this Vitera Healthcare Solutions hosted and maintained solution.

Not only does Vitera Intergy EHR adapt to how you work, but also where you work—whether you’re making rounds at the hospital in the morning, working in multiple clinics during the day, or taking calls from home at night.

Vitera Intergy EHR was designed from the ground up to be seamlessly integrated with Vitera  Intergy, the gold standard in practice management today. Vitera Intergy EHR also integrates with other leading practice management systems such as, Vitera Medical Manager and Vitera HealthPro XL as well as with Vitera Practice Analytics, a robust reporting package created for use by non-IT personnel.

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