Implement Electronic Health Records (EHRs) without Disrupting Your Practice Management System 

In using a practice management system for scheduling, billing, and collections, you understand the efficiencies that automation can bring to the business office. Automating the clinical staff can further increase efficiencies, allowing for a seamless transfer of information between clinician and biller. For example, after the physician documents a patient encounter in the EHR system, the associated charges can flow right into your practice management system to be billed. Electronic health records implementation can save your practice time and operating costs, and lead to improved patient care.

When you choose Vitera Intergy EHR for your electronic health records solution, we will work with you to develop an interface between your existing practice management system and Vitera Intergy EHR1. This interface allows you to preserve the investment in your existing practice management system. There's no need to re-train business office staff, convert financial information, or take a chance on interrupting cash flow. In addition, through automation of your clinical processes, you can gain a more comprehensive picture of your practice operations and of each patient, helping staff to deliver a better quality of care.

To discuss how Vitera Intergy EHR can work with your existing software, please contact us.

1To interface with Vitera Intergy EHR, the existing practice management system must be Health Level-7 (HL-7) compliant.

Please note that Vitera Medical Manager, Vitera MENDS,  Vitera Health Network, and Vitera HealthPro XL are each HL-7 compliant practice management systems.

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