Flexible, scalable and intuitive. The perfect fit. 

Introducing Vitera Intergy v9.00, the comprehensive solution for today’s healthcare practice. With EHR, practice management, practice analytics and patient portal, customizable Vitera Intergy is your perfect fit.

ICD-10: are you ready?
Vitera Intergy is completely ICD-10–ready, which means you’ll have the tools you need for a smooth transition on October 1, 2014. Our software will enable your office staff to think, act, code and bill in ICD-10. With our ICD-10 dashboard, advanced diagnosis search and multiple layers of automation to help you select the right codes, Vitera Intergy will help you prepare for the ICD-10 transition. Hear what Arie Cusato, Billing Manager, Seacoast Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, has to say.

Is your practice prepared for Meaningful Use Stage 2?
Vitera Intergy is designed to seamlessly integrate Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements into your workflow and automatically capture reporting data. With Vitera Intergy you can attest for Meaningful Use without sacrificing time spent doing what you do best – caring for patients.

Know more about your practice
Arm yourself with the data to make the most of your practice with our clinical and business intelligence tool, Vitera Practice Analytics. Easily identify and classify patients by level of risk, address risk through appropriate care plans and discover where your practice most often runs into problems with scheduling, billing and more.

Document your encounter — your way
Tired of documenting patient encounters the way a computer program thinks you should? Switch to Visit Note, Vitera Intergy's intuitive new documentation tool that works like you do. With Visit Note, you can see the creation of your note in real time as you work through a patient encounter. You can also address diagnosis-specific questions, exercise greater control over your narrative and easily create templates — all while maintaining crucial links to structured data.

Additional benefits:

  • Escape from behind your computer with Vitera Intergy Mobile, the app that lets you use an iPad to access patient and practice data on the go
  • Improve patient engagement and follow-up efficiency with Patient Portal
  • Go paperless with Vitera Transaction Services (VTS) and electronically connect your practice to the largest network of payers, pharmacies, labs and other providers

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