Vitera Intergy Practice Management 

Your medical practice is a unique business. Although your priority is caring for patients, you must also maintain profitability. Administrative processes such as scheduling, eligibility verification, billing and collections should contribute to your business success, not hinder it.

Intergy Practice Management (PM) has everything you need to run your business efficiently and profitably, so you can spend more time doing what you do best — caring for patients.

In addition to simplifying your financial and organizational tasks, Intergy Practice Management connects you with your patients, payers and other providers so the high quality care you provide is also seamless for your patients.

Improve front office workflow

Sound scheduling contributes to healthier finances, happier patients and a more sustainable practice. Make the most of your time and resources with advanced rules-based scheduling in Intergy PM.

Eliminate time spent calling payers, fighting claim denials and chasing bad debt with Intergy PM’s Automated Eligibility Verification. With a few clicks of a mouse, you can verify patients’ coverage in real time, before appointments occur. You can also run verifications on your terms, confirming individual patients or patient batches based on scheduled appointments.

Monitor your waiting room without leaving your desk by using Patient Flow Tracking, our unique tool to help you understand the patient experience from check-in to checkout. Intergy PM has more than 200 standard reports that interpret data so you can gauge your practice’s efficiency and identify where there’s room for improvement.

Refine back office billing

Don’t let ICD-10 slow you down. Intergy PM is ICD-10–ready and includes tools to help you minimize revenue loss, denials and days in accounts receivable. Intergy PM empowers your practice to begin thinking, acting, coding and billing in ICD-10 as early as you’d like — select your own transition date or let Intergy PM automatically switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes on Oct. 1, 2014. Multiple layers of automation and validation ensure a smooth transition, and if select payers aren’t ready, the system will continue to bill them in ICD-9 until they catch up.

Catch claim errors before they reach payers. The optional integrated Claim Scrubbing service in Intergy PM lets you "scrub" claims and fix mistakes before you submit them to your clearinghouse.

Optimize billing and collections — prevent delays, errors and unpaid claims with Intergy PM's powerful accounts receivable management tool. Intergy PM identifies existing balances by insurance plan and generates automated reminders ("ticklers"), action items and collection letters, so you can correct problems ahead of the filing limit.

System highlights:

  • Reduce hardware costs with our subscription-based hosting or host Intergy PM on your own server
  • Integrate with Intergy EHR and Practice Portal to give you easy access to all your practice data from one system
  • Electronically connect to payers, pharmacies, labs and other providers
  • Monitor practice performance and compliance with industry regulation — including ICD-10 and Meaningful Use — with our user-friendly dashboards

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