Vitera Practice Analytics 

The power to transform your practice’s performance resides in your data. But in order to act on that information, you need the right tools to organize, identify and analyze that data.

To help you unleash your practice’s potential, Practice Analytics organizes data from across your electronic health records and practice management systems to deliver the clinical and financial insights you need to increase productivity, efficiency and revenue. Easy to use and powerful, Practice Analytics arms you with the knowledge you need to participate in value-based programs and achieve better business performance.

Performance reports
Optimize your practice’s financial performance with daily, monthly and quarterly reports that you can schedule to run automatically – even while you sleep. Schedule reports to run at night and see updated results first thing in the morning. You can also use report templates to run the reports you need to qualify for Meaningful Use 2014 and other pay-for-performance and government incentive programs.

Analysis tools
Improve patient care and financial performance using clinical and financial dashboards — on-screen progress tools that provide immediate data analysis and reporting access. You can also create custom dashboards to help you decide how to run a more efficient and compliant practice.

Visual aids
Choose from a variety of formats — charts, graphs and spreadsheets— to add flexibility and insight to your data analysis. Or, if you prefer to create your own visual aids, export report data effortlessly to other applications.

Order tracking
Improve patient care coordination by tracking clinical orders. Practice Analytics allows you to track labs, tests, referrals, images and more, so that you can easily see which orders are pending and which are closed. You can also track your providers’ ordering trends over time to see if your practice would benefit from performing frequently ordered tests in-house.

Archive reports
For Meaningful Use 2014, Practice Analytics contains an updated Operational Quality Measures dashboard that allows you to archive and retrieve the scorecards you use to attest. Archiving the scorecards helps your practice defend its attestation in the event that CMS deems an audit necessary.

System highlights:

  • Scalable to your practice with desktop, server-based or subscription-based hosting options
  • Process high volume data queries without diminishing practice management and EHR system performance
  • Fully integrated with Intergy EHR and Practice Management for seamless interpretation of the data you’re already collecting

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