Evaluating Radiology Software - RIS and PACS Systems 

Your choice of RIS (Radiology Information System) and PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) software is an important decision. Your choices today will impact your workplace for years to come. You need radiology software that solves problems and speeds workflow.

When evaluating RIS and PACS radiology software, it is important to consider standards and objectives that are important to your end users. Below are some points around which you can plan your evaluation.

  • Specialization: Does the program offer radiology-specific functions such as 3D rendering and MIP/MPR?
  • Portability: Can images and notes be easily accessed from off-site, anywhere with an Internet connection?
  • Usability: Is the radiology software designed intelligently so that you don’t have to hunt for what you need? Does the radiology software present a consistent look and feel? Is it easy to administer?
  • Performance: Will the radiology software adequately track patient flow for the traffic in your imaging center and distributed organization?
  • Relevance: Has a radiology software vendor provided you a thorough workflow assessment by experienced professionals?  Do the results of the assessment closely mirror your workflow?
  • Interoperability: Does the radiology software support industry standards such as IHE, DICOM and HL7?
  • Support and training: Does the radiology software vendor have a good training and support program? Has the vendor been in business long enough to prove the quality of their work?
  • Reliability: Is the hardware configured to work with the radiology software and has it been tested under real-world conditions?
  • Functionality: Does the radiology software system do everything you need it to do?
  • Scalability: Is the radiology software system able to match the future growth of your center?
  • Affordability: Is the radiology software system competitively priced in terms of total cost of ownership?
  • Security: Are there different password levels and other measures that appropriately protect patient data, and allow your practice to maintain HIPAA compliance?
  • Flexibility: Can the radiology software system be easily customized to suit the demands of your workflow and take into account the preferences of end users, regardless of where they access the system?

Remember: the radiology software evaluation should be a consultative process. Make sure you meet regularly with the end users who will be using the system and consider all their feedback. Ask different vendors for on-site demonstrations. Explore the details for RIS and PACS training and implementation programs. Finally, set a schedule for system implementation. Make sure the radiology software vendor is aware of your timing requirements and hold them to the timetable for completion of the project.

Start your evaluation process today. Vitera Healthcare Solutions offers a range of radiology solutions, including Vitera Intergy RIS. To find out more about these solutions complete our Request Info form or call 877-446-3841.

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