Radiology Software: RIS and PACS 

Radiology clinics and imaging centers have unique requirements that warrant specialized information systems. Patient and data flow is generally more complicated as they move from reception to imaging technologist, to radiologist, and radiology results are delivered back to the referring physician. Workflow is more intricate because of the relatively high number of staff that are engaged in a typical patient encounter. And information management is more difficult because large numbers of images need to be archived, retrieved and distributed.

The speed and flexibility of your software system is crucial as your practice grows operations and seeks to differentiate its services to referring physicians. Vitera Healthcare understands these challenges and has developed two comprehensive radiology software solutions for imaging centers.

A RIS (Radiology Information System), such as Vitera Intergy RIS, is a networked radiology software platform that stores, manipulates and distributes patient data. These systems offer many benefits to imaging centers:

  • Integrated billing is easier to administer and shortens the payment cycle
  • Integrated patient scheduling helps your business run more smoothly
  • Automated wait lists make efficient use of radiologist’s and technologist’s time
  • Detailed financial recordkeeping improves cash flow
  • Electronic access to payers streamlines revenue flow
  • Automated claims submission makes billing more efficient

A PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) is a web-based radiology software platform that archives, retrieves, distributes, and presents imaging studies for advanced visualization and primary interpretation. These systems are designed for the specialized diagnostic imaging requirements of imaging centers and orthopedic practices:

  • Access to current and prior imaging studies and reports via the Internet increases mobility and availability
  • Manipulation of images enhances decision-making, especially with 3D renderings and advanced clinical application packages (e.g., orthopedics, nuclear medicine, digital mammography)
  • Automated results distribution to referring physicians saves time and reduces errors

Radiology software that can be integrated to provide both a RIS and a PACS solution provides a comprehensive solution that’s greater than the sum of its parts. One system that manages all workflow from patient encounters to image management leads to better patient care. And when integrated with electronic data interchange (EDI) components and practice analytics, you gain a full 360 degree perspective of your business.

Vitera Healthcare Solutions offers a range of radiology software solutions, such as Vitera Intergy RIS. Find out more about solutions from Vitera by completing our Request Info form or by calling 877-446-3841.

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