EHR for Primary Care Practices 

Your primary care practice sees it all. When it comes to selecting an electronic health records system (EHR), you need a partner that’s as flexible as you are. Whether a patient visits frequently for treatment of a specific chronic condition like diabetes, or comes in for a last-minute sick visit, Vitera Intergy EHR lets you easily access and update detailed patient care records. It also aligns your practice with current meaningful use incentive programs and other future regulatory initiatives.

With Vitera Intergy EHR, primary care practices can:

  • Document multiple problems for a single visit
  • Access detailed information on all medications prescribed for a patient
  • Easily add, change or renew medications and use medication "favorites" by diagnosis
  • Quickly review lab test data, and view trends over time
  • Track recommended routine tests such as mammography, colonoscopy and vision screens
  • Move quickly between patients, accessing multiple open charts at once
  • Use health reminders and alerts for preventive treatments
  • Streamline documentation by using encounter note templates for common visit scenarios
  • Track and document immunizations for pediatric patients


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