Electronic Health Records (EHR) for Specialties 

In healthcare, no two patients are alike—and the same could be said about the medical practices that treat them.

We understand that the needs of a Cardiology practice can vary greatly from those required by, say, an OB/GYN group. When it comes to choosing software, it's important to consider how that technology will work for your practice, whatever the specialty. 

Vitera Intergy was designed by clinicians and software specialists to adapt to your current workflow and improve overall practice efficiency. It was also designed to position practices to quickly meet meaningful use requirements and position themselves for future regulatory inititatives.

Vitera Intergy supports several key specialties. To explore specific feature sets for some of these, review the following specialty list.

Discover how Vitera Intergy EHR can help you document comprehensive patient exams, including import of discrete, minable data and images.

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Community Health
Vitera Intergy CHC combines practice management tools designed specifically for non-profit health centers with electronic health records allowing your center to maximize your revenue cycle and streamline clinical processes within a single system.

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Learn how Vitera Intergy EHR with OB Chart can help your practice deliver long-term preventive care for acute and chronic health conditions, while tracking pregnancy progress and managing risk for those patients.

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Instantly access to images and quickly document key physical exam findings, range of motion measurements, and pain scale values.

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See for yourself how Vitera Intergy EHR makes immunization tracking, growth charts and other pediatric tools as easy as 1-2-3.

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Primary Care/Family Practice
Use guideline-driven care, advanced clinical flow-sheets, Predictive Order Management and ePrescribing to streamline your practice's workflow.

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