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Vitera Healthcare Solutions has made a significant commitment to anticipate and meet clients' expectations in the delivery of customer service and support. A key driver of customer value in the information age is access, availability, and convenience of knowledge at your finger tips.

Current clients -- Please visit the Support Center for access to service requests,  product training and documentation, Solution Finder, Online Invoices & Payments and more. Or for assistance call 877.932.6301 and dial:
  • Option 1 for Sales
  • Option 2 for Technical Support
  • Option 3 for Customer Service
  • Option 4 for Network Services

We're Always Striving to Improve
The CRM system also includes a number of reports, which Vitera management review regularly to help ensure that the service and support analysts are efficiently and effectively responding to customer calls. We also continue to evaluate customer needs and how best to meet them by pinpointing areas where more training may be needed, or tracking recurring hardware problems so they may be addressed.

Vitera routinely conducts surveys as a follow up to support cases to ensure that issues were brought to resolution to the satisfaction of the customer. The results from the surveys influence management goals for the performance and productivity of the Customer Service Desk. To ensure a solid relationship in which we continually exceed expectations in the delivery of product and service, we also conduct routine checkpoints as a part of our project management methodology.

Client satisfaction is reported weekly, internally. If client satisfaction dips below certain defined tolerances, we're alerted to take action. Any issue that has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the client is escalated.

To find out more about our industry-leading customer service solutions, complete the Request Info form or call 877.932.6301, Option 3.

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