Revenue Cycle Management White Papers 

Gain valuable tips for managing your practice's revenue cycle including how medical practice management and healthcare information technology can help. These Revenue Cycle Management white papers are provided free by Vitera Healthcare Solutions and new white papers are added periodically, so check back soon for new additions.


Managing the Revenue Cycle: Ten Areas for Improvement
By Vitera Healthcare Solutions

While dozens of steps can speed up the revenue cycle and avoid missed collections opportunities, this white paper focuses on the 10 most common prospects for improvements. These will, in the long run, produce accurate and compliant billing and ensure that your practice collects what its physicians have earned.

The Art of the Deal: Making Your Practice a Player in Payer Negotiations
By Elizabeth W. Woodcock, MBA, FACMPE, CPC

When you’re challenged by managing a relationship with an insurance company, it’s unlikely you can lean on the contract for help — unless your practice was involved in writing it. When the affiliation sours, medical practices often find themselves unable to recoup lost revenue or even terminate the contract. Why let an insurance company put a document in front of you for your signature without your input? Stop thinking of your practice’s relationships with insurance companies as one-sided affairs. Use the contract negotiating opportunity to establish equitable terms that can benefit your medical practice. These guidelines can help.

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